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February 18, 2013


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Use the word "gibbous" in a sentence:

_Gibbous this day our daily bread._

Rootlesscosmo: Despite the new safeguard, I had to fetch your comment out of the spam folder. My annoyance has become stern.

I have a feeling a book of spam comments is somewhere underway (I saw a book of Nigerian scam emails in a bookstore two years ago).
My blog engine is WordPress. It was an avalanche of spam comments (so many compliments :)) until I signed up for Akismet. It is probably available for TypePad also, very effective and recommendable.

En De Ru: Thanks for the tip about Akismet; I'll look into it. P.S. I discovered your comment in the spam folder. (My own comment landed there, too.)

These are sentences from a Bad Lip Reading episode.

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