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January 30, 2013


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The trend has made it to Germany with poncy porridge brand of N'oats. http://noats.de/index.php/noats/ is part of their website - notice the liberal use of English!

Also, I'm not sure how they want this pronounced - notes or an(d) oats - like (rock)'n'roll.

The trendy (or passé) startup names like Flick'r, Tumbl'r, R'dio and so on look rather quaint if you add the apostrophes (I bet there must be some stubborn copy editors who actually would do that...).

Chop't really does have that ye olde flair, doesn't it? On a positive note, I do like "Lightlife" as a brand.

A carmaker has caught on, and "improved" on the apostrophe with an underscore. Behold the Kia Pro_cee'd GT and the Cee'd GT. Small measure of relief: These 2 cars are not coming to the U.S. I fear the unholy underscore would spread. http://www.edmunds.com/auto-shows/geneva/2013/2013-kia-pro-ceed-gt-and-ceed-gt-set-for-2013-geneva-auto-show.html

@Clachnit: I wrote about the cee'd in 2006: http://nancyfriedman.typepad.com/away_with_words/2006/08/i_came_i_saw_i_.html

I'll update the post!

good Cobb/bad Cobb

Does this mean that Pop Tate at Pop's Chocklit Shoppe in the Archie comics has been pushing carob all this time?


"The Dreaded Apostrophe " is wonderfully clear!
Thank you very much .

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