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January 24, 2013


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If nobody else is going to comment, then let me just say:

"Zite" would never suggest "Zeitgeist" to me because I pronounce the latter with a German-style Z. Maybe ziti, or Lite beer, or cellulite.

Zeitgeist Lite really is what it seems to be about.

"Discover your Interesting" when spoken means something else entirely: Oh wow, I just realized that I'm interesting!

What I really want to discover is my _inner_ interesting, along with the many other inner things of mine that await discovery.

> because I pronounce the latter with a German-style Z.

Well, that brings the count to about 3. Most people -- er, most Americans -- wouldn't know the hard Z in Zeit if it bit 'em on the ankle. Which would give them Angst while they drove their Volkswagens.

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