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December 31, 2012


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Happy new year, Nancy!

Any reports on "pre-eating"? I confess I've done that occasionally, if I wasn't sure there would be serious food at a party, or if I thought I'd rather have more talking time and not have to worry about eating.

Remember Mammy telling Scarlett O'Hara to pre-eat before the barbecue because "it ain't fittin'" for a lady to chow down in public? OK, she didn't say "pre-eat," but that was the general idea.

In German it is called vorglühen from the glowplugs used in Diesel engines - you had to wait a little until you could start the motor. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glowplug tells me this is called 'glowing' or 'pre-heating' in English.

(Aha! I've always thought Scarlett and I had a lot in common . . .)

There's a saying in Spanish that my mother always used:
"De tu casa a la ajena, siempre con la barriga llena."
"From your house to a foreign one, always on a full stomach."

Okay, that last line produced my biggest laugh all day.

British students have taken to calling this "prinking". Tongue in cheek-edly perhaps.

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