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December 20, 2012


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In addition to its terrible spelling, Bushmaster also doesn't appear to understand what "conflagration" means.

Laughed SO hard at the F*CKERING lights!

Oh, I am with you on your 4th, 6th and 7th grievances especially. It's not just the book SELLERS, I've seen the worst homonym confusion on Nook/Kindle books, where there is some disconnect between copy editing and the final, digital page -- but I'm also seeing it in print books as well. My grouchy Festivus grievance is about time and care not taken.

All over book blogs, people talk about "sneak peaks." I make loud and angry noises each time. Sheer/shear I've seen misused in a romance novel, which was funny in an awful way, as was aide/aid. And of course, the ones we all should know -- there/they're/their and its/it's -- those are common misuses.

I know it's annoying to people that I wince at these things, but it's annoying to ME that some perceptions are that things like specificity and accuracy don't matter. THEY DO. Probably my greatest fear is that I'll always be trying to explain why...

Let's not forget this lovely Bushmaster ad: http://www.upworthy.com/this-is-a-real-ad-for-a-real-gun-that-killed-real-people

Karen: That image and copy appear(ed) in the online campaign, too. It's in the Gawker link that I embedded a little too circumspectly: http://gawker.com/5969150/bushmaster-firearms-your-man-card-is-revoked

I winced at the use of "carnage" to caption a crowd of glamorous short-skirted Santas, the day after the shootings. (I know, prepared long before.)

If I may register a non-grievance, it's that I discovered this website in 2012.

Thank you!

May I please add Karen Kane's confusion of surplus and surplice?

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