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December 07, 2012


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I have been meaning to blog about Be. for ages. Thanks for reminding me that there's still a whole world of condescending product positioning out there.

And when I saw the title I KNEW what song was coming up!

Not of the distaff persuasion myself, but I gotta wonder: Does this stuff actually sell? Are there women out there who are NOT offended by it?

@Mudge: I have no idea. Are there men who prefer Dr Pepper Ten (slogan: "It's Not for Women")?

Maybe Crispello chocolates are for the man-eaters amongst us?

Dr. Pepper Ten is a new one on me. No, I can't imagine a guy being influenced by that in any way, except to be reminded that drinking a "diet" soda might be considered by some to be a female thing, thus encouraging him to go for the full sugar experience.

I'm sure you know, and have probably blogged about, the supposed rule of thumb for selling to women: "Shrink it and pink it." I do actually see this in one of the places I frequent, namely home-improvement stores -- they roll out, but just seasonally, various tools that have been subjected to the rule of thumb. Example:


@mike: Hah! No, I’ve never heard “shrink it and pink it.” I did write about the verb “to pink,” though. http://nancyfriedman.typepad.com/away_with_words/2011/10/big-pink.html

This has to stop. A year or two in the UK Nestle ran and ad for a chocolate bar "Yorkie - it's not for girls" Tongue in cheek or not, it's unacceptable

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