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November 13, 2012


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I found some information on oysho, in Spanish, in the Inditex website (http://www.inditex.es/es/descargas?file=oysho.pdf). Here is a *very literal* translation of its key points: the name oysho is the result of a “creative exercise” and does not have any specific meaning in any language but it can be easily used worldwide. Just one word summarises the oysho concept – simplicity, versatility and design.
The word was chosen also because of its “graphical potential” – its visual image can be read from any angle [try looking at it upside down] and the short, simple and direct brand name communicates the same “cleanness and elegance of shapes” of its outlets.

According to a short article titled ¿De dónde viene el nombre Bershka?, also Bershka is an invented name, chosen because it sounds well and it can be easily pronounced in different languages.

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