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November 16, 2012


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I expect most of these brands to return under new ownership eventually.

Prepackaged commodity bread around here is usually Wonder, Sunbeam, or regional brands Mrs Baird's and Rainbo. (Mrs Baird's is owned by the US branch of Mexican baker Bimbo, which also produces Thomas' English Muffins. In Mexico, Bimbo owns the Wonder name.) And every chain store has its own line of bread.

Tomorrow I will drop by Sprouts and pick up a loaf of Sweet Paradise cinnamon bread, imported from remote Hayward, California. Six bucks and worth every cent.

@CGHill: All true.

BTW, Bimbo Bakeries USA is the largest bakery in the US. In Spanish, bimbo ("beembo") is an affectionate term meaning "baby"; it has none of the negative connotations of the American slang word.

I had no idea they'd become the biggest, though I knew they were Up There. Whether this makes them the first choice for picking through the remains of Hostess, I have no idea.

P. G. Wodehouse's characters use the word "bimbo" in a faintly derogatory but gender-neutral way. Whether this is old US slang or old British slang I do not know.

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