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October 26, 2012


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I take it you prefer the (according to some dictionaries) double-ess spelling of "focused". Whatever.

And I take it these drink purveyors pronounce "Phi" with a long I. I go back and forth on it. From time to time I have occasion to straighten out a roomful of math students on which Greek letter is which. (It rubs me the wrong way when they think a nu is a vee, or when they randomly guess that phi is called theta. I once had a young woman who called alpha "fish" because that's what her high school teacher called it. But I digress.) But then I have to admit that phi may be called either "fee" or "fie" in English, and before I know where I am I'm standing in front of my class making "Jack and the Beanstalk" references, saying "fee fi fo fum" ...

Sorry. I'll stop now.

Empty: I spell "focused" with one S. The [sic] is a disclaimer for the peculiar capitalization and ampersand.

Oh, I see. I did wonder if it had to do with the ampersand.

I think people like using 'zen' in their company or product names because it implies a certain 'deepness' or 'subtlety' or 'elegance'.

Curiously, you don't see western philosophy inspiring a lot of product names. There are few PlatoDesks, Socrates Habits, etc. out there.

Why? I guess companies don't want to appear to 'smart' or intellectual. What a shame.

@Matthew, there used to be a Japanese manga set in the Platon Hotel. But apart from that...

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