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September 03, 2012


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What the hell kind of 13-year-old boys would need, let alone use, a word like "smasual?"

I must be so out of fashion; people writing in fashion speak only get confusion, pity or amusement out of me.

Jenne: The sons of fashion reporters, evidently.

Interesting timing -- just yesterday I googled "smart casual" after seeing it as the dress code for an upscale restaurant in Atlanta. I wish I had checked in here, instead. Your post enlightened me far brighter than the first couple pages of Google.

I hope it crosses the pond. While a contradictory/confusing phrase, it has got to demand a better out(fit)come than "dress-down" does.

I like the portmanteau because it evokes "smashing" and, in that way, somewhat clarifies the concept for me. Surely few people would think grungy jeans are smashing.

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