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September 07, 2012


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Although I agree with your comments on the spelling and relevance of the name, I would point out that 'matt' is the standard British spelling. Matte is generally reserved for the photographic mask meaning (and is probably relatively unknown). In fact, I was surprised to see that my old paper dictionary (Chambers) gives 'mat' as the primary spelling for the dull sense. (Similar comments apply to 'lux', I think.)

Jamie: Point taken about the UK preference for "matt"--All Saints is a UK-based company, after all, although it maintains a separate US website and could easily have Americanized the spelling.

"Lux" is not a synonym for "luxe" on either side of the Atlantic--it's a unit of illumination (or a brand of soap).

Of course it's ridiculous. The Bolshevik dress would have to be a little red dress, not a little black dress!

I can't help thinking of Natasha (of Boris and Natasha, the spies in the Rocky and Bullwinkle show). Though I see now that her (non-sparkly) form-fitting strapless dress was not black but purple.

May I also say that the subtitle "Socialist Surrealism" is one of those priceless Fritinancy touches?

Thank you for another precise and witty post ! ( The comments too)
Yes ! The dress should be red ...with some kind of "hammers and sickles"
pattern .

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