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August 22, 2012


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I actually cringed when I saw that. It could be worse, though: I've seen "Jone's" before.

In traditional grammatical terminology, verbs are conjugated; nouns and adjectives are declined.

Shouldn't it be "the Joneses’circus skills" anyway?

Jenne: Aarrggh -- of course it should! I've fixed it.

Inexcusable! I noticed Pheevr's quibble too -- but how many readers would read "decline" properly in your sentence?

I saw the apostrophe, but it still made me think of a drug habit. Considering those sizes, a jones might be needed for a good fit.

I'll just chime in here -- late -- to note that "conjugate" also struck me. Way too many years spent leafing through "501 Spanish Verbs," I suppose. :-)

Augh! I saw this same mistake in another JNY ad in a magazine the other day and couldn't believe it. It might be judgey of me, but when I see such glaring errors in print I lose respect for the brand.

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