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August 21, 2012


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Good to find another person obsessed with the omics suffix. Though I note - I am only obsessed with those ones that are trying to connect to genomics in some way - and these usually are just ...omics although there is some confusion / diversity. I generally avoid terms that are related to economics (i.e., the nomics terms) and also try to avoid those terms that use "ome" to refer to a complex of molecules (e.g., ribosome). I am driven batty by the ones derived from genomics because they relate to another obsession of mine - the overselling of genomics.

And if you really want to know more .. see my recent paper on the topic here: http://www.gigasciencejournal.com/content/1/1/6

My favorite Opi red used to be Hey Vin, Is My Car Ready? [punctuation sic]. This summer, I forget. I'd love to find a good discussion of women over 30 wearing green and blue nail colors; anyone seen one? Sorry to digress into frivolonmics, Nancy!

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