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August 09, 2012


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It's too bad they didn't go with your name. For me, the primary association with "Avalon" is the island from Arthurian legend. As you say, the etymology is perfect—who wouldn't want to name their apple after a mythical Isle of Apples? And even if you don't know the etymology, it still has a nice sound that's reminiscent of the word "apple".

Oh well. At least you still got paid.

Is it possible that the client is on to something? If Avalon suggests nothing but "car" to a whole lot of people, is that a problem?

(Don't get me wrong: every time I see Avalon on a car I think of kings and enchantresses and swords and lakes and stuff.)

Empty: 1. There are "a whole lot of people" who do NOT associate "Avalon" with "car"--who might even be surprised to learn that Toyota makes that model. 2. Context matters. If you see an "Avalon" sticker on an apple, or an "Avalon" sign in the produce aisle, you are unlikely to think about cars. 3. Marketing matters. The owner of the brand has the power to create new perceptions and associations through design, advertising, and other communications.

But aside from all that, my point is that when you're naming a new brand, you need to step away from your personal associations with a word and look at the bigger picture.

You betcha! I actually try to forget that Avalon is a car's name, so there. And I love the Roxy Music album.

Although now you've got me thinking about taking a Dove bar into the shower.

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