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July 25, 2012


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Maybe you go on an OMGFAST to reach OMG? Now I have all the info I need in the event a client approaches me with an AWESOME mark that contains OMG.

LmFaO!!1! This post was a home run, baby!

I loves me some "toot home!"

Considering the Euromix poster further, is it a Russian source that messes up the English? If so, you may have to come up with a new word to add to Spanglish and Chinglish.

Does this mean using OMG is now simply part of the general lexicon? Or do you think, because old people now use it (OMG! I'm one of those old people!), it's outdated and sounds as ridiculous as saying, "I'm jiggy with it" (which, for the record, I have never said, thank you very much).

So much to enjoy! I don't want to to think too much about OMG lubricant but love the domestic goddesses' name for their gathering.

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