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June 06, 2012


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"Tridion" describes the safety shell wrapped around the passenger compartment; it's made of three layers of steel, which probably explains the "tri-" part.

@CGHill: Thanks! All I could find was SDL Tridion World, a community website for people interested in content management. Obviously not automotive.

I'm surprised they went with "fortwo" when they could have spelled it "4.2" (or 4/2, 4*2, etc.).

@Jan: There was also a five-door hatchback, manufactured from 2004 to 2006, called the Forfour.

Ford, in the 1930s and 1940s, offered Tudor and Fordor sedans, more than enough reason for me to refrain from mocking Smart for its model names.

@CGHill: And what did Ford call their station wagon -- Mordor?

A Tridion cell transforms the unsafe car into the safe uncar.

I can deal with "fortwo". I'm stuck on "sharpred".

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