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June 01, 2012


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Moan-dah-leez does not say K-R-A-F-T to me, or anything else repeatable, but clearly they did not name the company for consumers.

"English-was-good-enough-for-Jesus." Never mind that whole Palestine/Jewish/Galilee thing. As always, your snark brings a smile.

"Peniel," at least, has a Biblical antecedent: it's the place where Jacob wrestled with some supernatural entity (Genesis 32), though the correct Hebrew seems to be closer to "Penuel." Peniel Avenue runs through the Oklahoma City suburb of Bethany, home of Southern Nazarene University; the usual local pronunciation is "puh-NILE."

When I see "socl", I want to pronounce it "Sokal", and am inclined to think the website is a postmodernist hoax. This probably isn't what they had in mind, either.

My mother met a woman who had moved from the Deep South to California, and had named her daughter "Wolverine." She had lost all her previous babies and a wise woman back home suggested that she give the next baby the name of a fierce animal, so that the spirits might think it was not a human baby and therefore ignore it.

Of course, the woman credited the wise woman's advice for her healthy baby, and not decent pre-natal care.

"Socle" is French for "pedestal." I'm trying to come up with some connection there but am failing ...

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