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April 26, 2012


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In the mid-60s there was, in effect, a 3 Stooges TV show. Maybe those short films were not made for TV, but they were shown at regular times on TV, at least on some stations, at least on one station in the NYC area.

Tom: True, the old Stooges films were in heavy rotation on TV, but an attempt to create a TV series was unsuccessful. There was a very short-lived animated series in 1965-1966: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Three_Stooges#Television

I took Mr. Donohue literally.

There WAS a Three Stooges television show - we (Malta Europe) had it on local television, in English, and it was also show on Italian television, dubbed into Italian.

Tania: Those shows were movies repackaged for TV. The only made-for-TV Three Stooges series was an animated show.

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