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February 13, 2012


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Being from Chicago, I totally love the origin of "clout." Totes!

LIke! BTW, I've seen "sesesh" as another shortening of that word.

And I'd always subscribed to the Old Kinderhook theory of OK, based on a children's book about the presidents I once had. No doubt you saw that theory when you did your earlier post. WP sez:
"A year later, supporters of the American Democratic political party claimed during the 1840 United States presidential election that it stood for "Old Kinderhook," a nickname for a Democratic presidential candidate, Martin Van Buren, a native of Kinderhook, NY who was Andrew Jackson's protege. "'Vote for OK' was snappier than using his Dutch name."[5] In response, Whig opponents attributed OK, in the sense of "Oll Korrect," to Andrew Jackson's bad spelling. The country-wide publicity surrounding the election appears to have been a critical event in okay's history, widely and suddenly popularizing it across the United States.

@Diana: It can also be spelled "secesh."

In his book about "OK," Allan Metcalf definitively debunks the "Old Kinderhook" theory. He found the original citation for OK (= oll korrect) in the March 23, 1839, copy of the Boston Post. See my link in the footnote.

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