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February 07, 2012


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And don't forget Beyoncé:


Names in the wild: Just this morning, this Guy Fawkes mask is called - "infringealicious"!


'licious was interesting, and had a certain tang when it first got popular in brands. But I think it does require a vowel before the "L", don't you? All the other examples follow that obvious path. Wildlicious forces an "ldl" blend in mid-name , and that's a corner I don't think many English speakers can get around very nimbly.

Yet I think this succeeds without an intermediary vowel (maybe bc the "g" makes a shadow vowel): "Piglicious Hog Roast specialise in providing a high quality, cost effective catering that really does satisfy the hunger of all ages,..." www.piglicious.co.uk/

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