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February 03, 2012


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The name may not win any awards ... but as the saying goes there's no such thing as bad publicity. There's at least one blog on the internet now featuring this store.

And if I'm ever in need of 'Asian Things' (that might be neat) then I now know where to go.

That store name conveys to me "if you are bored, have nowhere else to go, and really aren't in a hurry, this stuff may amuse you."

I'm reaching for my wallet already!

Our little Japan town store "Neat Asian Things" is quite surprised to find itself in the crosshairs of your logo assassination canon! We'll overlook the discourtesy of using our logo on your commercial blog without asking permission because we really do appreciate the extra publicity (and sales) for our store. And since we're sure you share the view that people look at the world through different lenses, we know you'll print our comments in full.

Just so your avid readership knows, sales are up 20% since changing the name of the store and the logo. If you had asked, you would have found that the Townhouse Living name has not "fit" what's sold in the store for at least a decade. We wanted to expand our merchandise to offer more than just Japanese items and the word "Asian"denotes this. Customers get it. The red sun over the "A" in the logo signals our many Japanese customers that there is still a focus on things - oops - merchandise Japanese. The most commonly overheard word among browsers in our store? "Neat!". With our store history, our merchandise mix and our local and tourist customers, "Neat Asian Things" works very well in the context in which it is used. How many customers have commented on our font, our letter spacing or duplication of the word "Asian"? You can count them on no hands.

Lastly, a discussion question for your readership to ponder: Is it a good thing to name a blog site with a word that requires an explanation or a look up in a dictionary?

Etsuyoshi Shimada, Owner
Steve Taylor, Assistant Manager

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