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February 29, 2012


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Bra Mitzvah - now that'd be outstanding! But let me expand on my retweet of the post: Despite trademark owners' best efforts, at least in the trademark prosecution context, the PTO does not credit applicant's assertion as to how a mark is pronounced when considering the issue of likelihood of confusion: "For purposes of the § 2(d) analysis, there is no 'correct' pronunciation of a mark because it is impossible to predict how the public will pronounce a particular mark; therefore, 'correct' pronunciation cannot be relied on to avoid a likelihood of confusion." I think that applies here insofar as I cannot imagine a way to make the US consumer pronounce BRAYOLA as any way other than rhyming with CRAYOLA.

Bravo for Bra Mitzvah -- how could she pass that up?
Meanwhile, I've always been suspicious of that wrong-fit statistic the bra folks throw around. If the fitters' customers are drawn mostly from the unhappily fitted, how can they generalize from such an obviously biased sample?

Jan: I once did an extensive name exploration for That Big Unmentionables Company in Columbus, Ohio. They didn't use any of my names, but I still have the list. It includes Bravissima, Bravura, and a bunch of other names I'm quite fond of. (I've always liked So There for a bra line.)

At the other end of the word is "Yola," which is a Web host in San Francisco, and which at least sounds better than "SynthaSite," its previous name.

Heh, great post. This whole thing puts me in mind of that other great Jewish invention, the Kramer/Costanza Snr bra for men: "The Manzier" (or "The Bro" depending on which character you agree with). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZJ8Jxt9qrM

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