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January 10, 2012


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Wow, how patronizing. I love Burt's Bees lip balm. This new line, not so much.

I know they look the same, but I think this must be an umlaut and can't be a dieresis. The dieresis is only used to separate two vowels, as in the one over the "e" in Noel, and the one the New Yorker (alone among major magazines) uses in "cooperate" and "re-elect".

Or as Wikipedia has it:

The diaeresis is used to denote the phonological phenomenon also known as diaeresis ( /daɪˈɛrɨsɨs/ dy-err-ə-səs), in which a vowel letter is not part of a digraph or diphthong. The umlaut mark ( /ˈʊmlaʊt/ uum-lowt) denotes a sound shift.

Then again the idea that it's an umlaut is weird too. Speakers of umlaut-using languages will be unable to stop thinking of this as [gyd] and it's just weird...

I really like Burt's stuff - I guess a name like Burt seems stodgy and so 2011 that they had to go with rabid smileys...

Uh ... it won't come out right if you stretch your lips in a smile. It has a pucker built in, actually. As in, I just tasted something funny.

I'm reminded of an obscure Sluggy Freelance reference, where although the series witch draws power from the Book of E-Ville, there is a counterpart book, the Book of Güd.

Otherwise, as for the whole campaign, Ew. Or, Ü.

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