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January 25, 2012


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Have you seen The Three Amigos?

"The Miss Havisham line" - say WHAT? And yet they managed to use the correct "palette." What are the odds, given the rest of the copy?

Given that they've already gone with "Miss Havisham" (for those stylish associations of abandonment, despair, madness and revenge), perhaps "treacherous" fits in after all.

@Elisa: Hah! No, I'd somehow missed it. I've updated the post to make up for that oversight!

And along the lines of "penultimate," let's not forget the use of "epicenter" to mean "the REAL center."

With the use of "infamous," "Miss Havisham," "daggers hanG treacherously," and even "jarring edginess," I personally like the last line.


I'll call the mortician.

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