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December 05, 2011


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I did the Donner Party Comma for a presentation at my son's class a few years ago and got a good laugh: http://verbatim.blogs.com/verbatim/2010/05/what-do-i-do-all-day.html (I didn't call it that, though, because I most definitely did not want to get into that bit of history with the kids.)

Thanks for the mention, Nancy. I don't remember where or when I first encountered the term. If it was online, it was probably at Headsup, but I've a feeling I heard it in the wild a couple of years before that. Immediately filed under: tasteless, unforgettable.

...whose members survived the ghastly winter of 1846 by (allegedly) eating some of their dead relatives...
Really? Allegedly? Is there still a concern for legal action somehow?

@Barry: Their descendants have denied the claims, and there's some recent archaeological evidence that suggests no cannibalism was involved: http://news.discovery.com/history/donner-party-cannibalism.html

My own feeling is: Mondegreen shoulda had a link. Yr. obnt svent.

@Jon: Oops--fixed now!

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