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December 23, 2011


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Also, in Grievance the First, shouldn't that question mark/close quote come a couple of clauses later? "Wouldn't it be grand/To blah blah blah/with those we hold so near and dear?"

Ugh—that poem was terrible. Does nobody know how to write metrical poetry anymore?

Thanks for the link! I appreciate it even more coming from someone whose grievances I share. The peak/peek error is going to leave me twitching for the rest of the day!

Grievance the Sixth:

All I could think (besides 'Ew' in general) was "Oh, nice. *Whose* hand was breaded?"

And was it breaded mechanically, or hand-breaded?

My favorite "a-ha" moment would be the "Take On Me" video ... What, no takers for early MTV humor?

Anyway, well done, thanks for the hat tip, and let's NEVER merry!

I think finding this site has been a Festivus gift to me from... I don't know!
OK, but it's still a gift.

Happy holiday season, all.

Belated, but worth posting anyhow: Thanks for the link. And thanks for validating my anger.

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