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November 17, 2011


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That's unquestionably New York--Central Park, brownstone apartment buildings--in the Korean ad. I wonder why. Are Korean TV viewers likely to recognize it, even tough it lacks iconic New York places like Times Square or the Empire State Building? Or is it supposed to look unfamiliar? I don't get this choice of visual elements.

@rootlesscosmo: Starbucks is using the same footage and lyrics worldwide, just changing the translation of the motto and modifying the URL at the end.

I had a friend who was an actor; I could hear the difference when she said "merry", "marry" and "Mary". This impressed me and still does.

I love how the contributors of the "I Hate Starbucks" discussion board seem to be quite comfortable with critisising the use of Starbucks' improper English, yet it would seem, are still overcoming the battle of their own English language use.
My favourites so far are "at lease mine..." and the confusion of the definition of "Merry" as "Archaic" in "3. Archaic. causing happiness; pleasant; delightful" and then in use as "3. Lets archaic."
Perhaps the authors of this board would like to concentrate more on straightening their own English out before attempting to rectify the choices of others?

Interesting, it looks like the Japanese holiday flavors are different--Toffee Nut Latte, Gingerbread Latte, and something called Cranberry White Mocha (ew).

(These all were written in phonetic English rather than translated, in case of interest)

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