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November 02, 2011


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The one I always think of is Queens-born Fran Drescher's well-regarded book about her battle with uterine cancer called, you guessed it, "Cancer Schmancer", which really shocked me the first time I heard it - in a good way (and apologies to Mr. Rosten, I guess). The success of the book and her activism have in fact turned Cancer Schmancer into an entire "movement". http://www.cancerschmancer.org/

Her brash, un-self-conscious humor about the situation ("Honey, I've been in the stirrups more times than Roy Rogers!") is seen as a great remedy to the usually dour, clinical approaches to fighting the disease.

For Libros-Schmibros, I'm going to guess that this is not evidence that Yiddish reduplication has been borrowed into Spanish, eh? Which would then make it a kind of tri-lingual, um ... pun? Sorta?

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