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November 18, 2011


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Sad to see that sign go. I always thought it was a clever homage to the old Holiday Inn signs.


*and Buffalo residents. I presumed it was only in SoCal, but I lived for three years in Buffalo this century and was surprised to find it commonplace.

Sad. Distinctive signage is all too rare.

In Seattle, many have a fond spot for the clever turns of phrase that were displayed on the olde-tyme marquee of The Lusty Lady, which was a venerable peepshow emporium. (Example: "Happy Spanksgiving!") They really had a genius for giving au courant phrases a dirty-minded turn. (Legend has it that the people in the adjoining office towers would send clever suggestions to the Lady.)

For better or worse, the seedy neighborhood that the Lady once inhabited has gone uptown, so to speak, and is now the site of the Seattle Art Museum (SAM), the Four Seasons Hotel, etc. Although the Lady cohabitated peacefully with these blue-blood neighbors for a time, she (inevitably, perhaps) had to call it quits a couple of years ago.

Here's a collection of some memorable signs:


PS Hmm, I see that per Wikipedia, there was a San Francisco version also.

Is the logo done in neon, that warmest and most brilliant, buzzing sign medium. It is worth another layer of mourning each time we lose a piece of neon.

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