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November 04, 2011


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Psst . . . Nancy, paragraph three: "there"?

On point, I wondered if the tagline might be an attempt at a haiku tag, but too many syllables, and Thailand.

And, the nonidiomatic phrasing is probably one that you'll remember. (Contrasted with a tagline that might have ended in *gasp* a preposition?)

@Steve: Thanks for letting me know about the dropped word! As for ending a tagline (or a sentence) with a preposition, it's one of those zombie rules that keeps eating our brains: http://www.grammarphobia.com/grammar.html

Maybe "Aroma" is meant to rhyme with "I toldja"? Sorry, I got nothing for this one. It's just beautiful though.

It reminds me of phrases like "the order it was received", but I'm not sure it's quite the same problem. It could be that someone was avoiding ending a sentence with a preposition but didn't know where to put it, or it could be a failure to grasp the proper idiom.

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