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September 12, 2011


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I disagree with Dorothy Quigley. I bought a ruched dress last year that was clingy and yet camouflaged all figure imperfections.

In honor of a leg I broke 10 years ago, I was at one time given to collecting seemingly relevant cuttings about broken legs. I have one from a Viennese newspaper, Die Presse, from August 6, 2005 with the headline "Berüschte Krücke" (a crutch with a ruche). As I recall, it came from a review of a concert by a singer who had broken her leg but appeared on stage with an appropriately (in her mind, at least) decorated crutch.

Reminds me of something that a gay friend of mine once told me: "If you want to know whether your boyfriend is gay or not, ask him to define the word 'peplum'. No straight man knows what that is."

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