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September 09, 2011


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I just looked at this post a second time after seeing your tweet. The first time (via RSS feed), I didn't even read the words. I just closed the browser window to make the ugly go away. Do you think it's because I woke up with a headache today?

A massive float-in at a tranquility tank? Maybe the only ones left on the planet are here,in Montreal.

Or a bonfire at which chocolate, red wine and barometers are burned?

>Wouldn’t pounding through Golden Gate Park with hundreds of sweaty fellow-joggers be an automatic migraine trigger?

Actually, probably not. Whatever the triggers are, exercise is probably not among them. That said, if a migraine has begun its course, the _scent_ of the scenario you describe would, for many migraine sufferers who become super-sensitive to smells, probably be enough to make one retch.

But the connection between a typical fund-raising activity and its nominal beneficiary is pretty dubious anyway, no? I mean, walking does nothing inherently for (someone else's) breast cancer, and watching TV certainly does nothing for MS. It's all about (coercing) the Benjamins for said activity.

It certainly is a challenge to come up with a mascot for migraines, or at least for migraine research. Can't argue that this one is a little on the Huh? side.

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