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September 27, 2011


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"Ma'am, excuse me, that potbellied pig can't be in here."

"Hey, I asked her to wait outside, but she said 'nothing doing.' You'll have to take it up with her."

I always wanted one of those adorable trained monkeys as an "animal companion assistant." I wouldn't take him to the bank, though, for fear that he might learn how to write checks to himself.

But yes, why "Please Ask"? My theory is that this statement was subject to committee. It probably started as "We ask that you please..." and then came out as this after a committee "fixed" it.

As long as we’re talking about correctness, you probably meant "differently-abled persons", didn't you?

Whatever happened to "No dogs"?

Also, if a person needed a guide dog, how would they read the sign???

Thinking as I do in musical riffs, I wondered if you were going to be writing about actress Zooey Deschanel's surprisingly good band, She & Him. Perhaps He/She must ask Him/Her to wait outside while They do Their banking.

What a silly sign. I sincerely hope that their math is a lot better.

And then there is the article: "a" instead of "an" preceding "assistant." I hope they're better at math/banking than writing.

Hi, Andrzej! I did mention "a assistant"--see the first sentence of the third paragraph.

Re: How would you read the sign if you need a guide dog?
The sign is not really for people who need a guide dog. I guess it should say "If you can read this, your pet has to wait outside."

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