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September 23, 2011


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I think you were listening in on our breakfast conversation this morning, wherein my daughters probed the likelihood of confusion between Dove soap and Dove chocolate!

Other than that? I couldn't have said it better myself!

Trademarkable or not, my teenage son pointed out the fact that Netflix must not have done much research when choosing the name because it is the Twitter name of an account holder who likes to be associated with marijuana.


Laura: I wrote about (and quoted) @qwikster in my original post: http://bit.ly/qkMhGD

Thanks for the clarification. I learn a lot from your posts and tweets. I had SyFy in mind when I tweeted that purposeful misspelling is more trademarkable, but I now know that was a special case because of SciFi being a common term. The mistake was entirely my own. I agree with you that legal ownership of your brand is more important than just a domain name (and twitter account), but maybe Netflix knows this too and we were quick to judge. A quick search on USPTO.gov revealed that they filed for trademark protection earlier this week.

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