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August 19, 2011


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Ayup...looks like a fail to me. I was pretty excited when I first saw that logo...as my wife and I travel a lot; it could have been something right up our alley.


There are already relatively few words that start with [tw] in English. There are none that I can find in the OED that start with [two] (and I mean pronunciation, not spelling). No English speaker is going to see that and pronounce it as intended.

'Twould be a shame to forget about "twoc" (British slang for "steal [a car]"), or the late great artist Cy Twombly.


I have the same problem with Pinterest. I assume that it's supposed to be pronounced "PIN-trest" because of the act of pinning pins, but I can't help but say "PINT" as the first syllable.

@Ben: OK, OK, wise guy! But in all those examples the O is short. I'll grant you "'twon't," as in "'Twon't do, milady!" but archaic contractions really shouldn't count.

@Elizabeth: I always think of it as Pinteresque, which seems like something high-minded but not much fun.

I'm sorry, all I can think of with this silly pronunciation is Lili Von Shtupp - "it's twue, it's twue!"

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