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September 01, 2011


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I can see the commercial for Ben - excuse me, ben - now: A young couple enters the store, finds the perfect color, and bursts into song. Yes, that song: "Ben, the two of us need look no more/We both found what we were looking for!" So what if the song came from a movie about a rat, right?

Love zabster zalad, though.

I'm glad this version of Soylent Green is not people. But I'm a bit surprised that it contains neither soy beans nor lentils.

Nice post, as usual. I have always been confused about Benjamin Moore paint and Kelly-Moore paint. Were Ben and Kelly the Mondavi brothers of paint, warring siblings who split the family business and went on to be competitors? Or is the name just a coincidence? Neither brand seemed to deal with the name similarity and distinguish itself from the other. The new branding will differentiate Ben from Kelly and that should be a good thing.

Crayfish salad!?!? Being as there isn't enough meat in a crawdad to fill a teaspoon, there must be a hundred man hours of work in peeling enough crawdads to fill a cup. Since they are selling their zabster salad for something less than the price of caviar, it makes me wonder what prison are they getting their crawdad peelers from.

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