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July 20, 2011


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Hiscox is quite well known around here (London), where we still sometimes use "cock" as a term of endearment. Its (ahem) 'other' meaning prevents anyone using it for a female friend. It's almost aggressively informal.

At least it lends itself to ribald wordplay. Not so for the folks who run the Badcock furniture chain in the Southeast U.S.

We employ only organ grinders?

Lovely, anyway. Plus, who wouldn't envy someone whose name included Scrymgeour? Minor footnote: Scrimgeour is the now-deceased Minister of Magic in the latter Potter books, played on screen by the ineffable Bill Nighy.

Funny, on the same day you post this I am being entertained by a post and comments on The Mouthy Housewives, about racist vaginas in marketing campaigns ((http://www.mouthyhousewives.com/wtf/mouthing-off-the-racist-vaginas). It's all below the belt today.

The dog in the muzzle is extra creepy, by the way.

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