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July 05, 2011


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Great post; reminiscent of "bromance", "bro-hugs" and such - once again, prefixing "bro-" to show that this isn't quite what bros are supposed to do.

A couple of friends of mine have a husband-and-wife team clean their house. They call them, in a rather sexist way, Alice and Man-Alice.

Wouldn't the first syllable of *mangle* (noun and verb) be [maŋ], not anything sounding quite like the noun "man"? If you said "man-gull" for *mangle* you'd probably confuse people. Of course I'm messing up your joke, a sin...

I've mangled several garments without benefit of mangler.

And I do own an iron (Rival, $30ish). It's white.

I would trade in my clunky pink and white iron for a sleek, black Man Iron anyday.

i've never heard of a manzilian, but i do know of a BROzilian...

My mother had a home mangle on which she did the family's ironing (from the 40's onward). In fact I never saw one of those puny things we now call 'irons' at home.

The cloth covering of the mangle drum was intended to be replaced regularly. It was always in stock at a local 'department store' (another anachronism). With regular use, they lasted about a year. The rotation of the drum, incidentally, was controlled by a foot pedal which also lowered the hot metal plate to the drum surface.

To me, the etymology of the ironing mangle was always related to the verb mangle, for I was always being told to watch my fingers so they won't get 'mangled'. (Was there ever a verb 'mangle', meaning to press clothes with a mangle iron?)

You've brought back memories that hadn't been to the surface of consciousness for at least twenty years. Thank you.

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