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July 12, 2011


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This is a bit tangential, but "Crystal" strikes me as an odd name for a dairy. It's the sort of word I'd more naturally associate with more transparent fluids than milk....

@Q. Pheevr: Many "Crystal" brands base their names on the concept of "a clear choice." I can't vouch for this company's reasons for picking Crystal--it may have been the name of a daughter, or the name of the grocery store where the first churning operation was located--but "Crystal" doesn't strike me as too much of a stretch here.

Isn't it as in "Crystal Light"? The drink. From powder. Still could be a daughter's name, but the logo looks like the one from the beverage drink. Perhaps the parent company have bought a dairy farm....

Completely agree about the Ben & Jerry's rhyming issue - an advertising compromise in which proper grammar falls by the wayside (as it does so frequently).

Current verb to noun pet peeve: overwhelm. What's with all the "I am in overwhelm"? Or "Don't get stuck in overwhelm!"? Grrrr!

@Marcia: There's no connection between Crystal Dairy, founded in Sacramento in 1901, and Crystal Light, a Kraft Foods (Chicago) brand introduced in 1982. If you look at the logos side by side, you'll see almost no similarity: the Crystal Light wordmark is in cursive caps/lower case, and the Crystal Dairy wordmark is in all-caps serif.

Also unrelated: Crystal Geyser spring water.

The example that always comes to mind for me is the use of "awesome" as a noun -- e.g., "Your daily dose of awesome" [http://zomg.tumblr.com/]. Have you covered that one before?

This is the kind of thing that I hadn't noticed before but now I'll probably see it everywhere! The bit of this phenomenon that has seeped into my speech is "the stupid". I often use it after driving in particularly hectic rush hour traffic: "The stupid was thick today." It also makes appearances in very crowded stores on the weekend: "I can't take the stupid anymore, let's get out of here!"

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