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June 08, 2011


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Happy blogiversary!

All the best and a happy bloggiversary to you!

Happy 5th Anniversary! Thanks so much for five wonderful years of your wit and wisdom.

I tracked back to my first email to you dated September 14, 2006, on the subject of "greenwashing." I remember reading about your blog in Jon Carroll's column in the San Francisco Chronicle — most likely http://sbyd.es/ij5nQU — and finally gathering the courage to comment.

Now, I can't imagine going without your wonderful blog posts and Twitter-literacy, along with the opportunity to have actual conversations.

Happy fifth!

Happy Bloggiversary to one of my favorite bloggers!

Mazal tov on your fifth bloggiversary! A gift of wood, you ask? Well, the Big Wood River runs right by Sun Valley in Idaho, and the Church of the Big Wood is nearby. The humor possibilities are limitless.

It strikes me that I might have told you this already, but as I am 50 going on 12, it never gets old. So thank you as always for that voodoo that you do so well - and for sharing it with me and others.

Happy Fiveday! As a young lady from Southern California never said, "Next year is Sixday, and Sevenday comes afterward." I don't want this blog to end.

Mazel tov Nancy - thanks for a blog that's always illuminating. Here's to the next five! Also, there is a band featured in the Chron's Ovation section today called "An Horse." I almost threw up.

Congratulations, Nancy! You are a beacon of common sense in the crazy world where commerce meets language. I always look forward to what you have to say.

Happy bloggiversary and thank you!

Many congrats!

Hey, congratulations! (Somewhat belated, sorry.) I think you know this (?), but when I teach the blogging class, I use your blog as an example of several excellent characteristics of blogs, including but not limited to how to brand one's blog. :-)

I've also been known to talk about "Nancy Friedman, my blog friend." Five years of reading your posts really does make it seem like we know you. Looking forward to many more years of this friendship. :-)

All of the above and more thanks for helping me with "the understanding of the shoes."

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