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June 02, 2011


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I would think that the number of folks who connect "Argosy" with, er, pulp fiction would be pretty small. Certainly the association it invoked for me was the Odyssey, tho I would have been hard-pressed to explain exactly how the name related to that poem. (As indeed, it does not, per your explanation.) And why exactly this would be good is likewise not exactly clear, given the fate to which many of the Argonauts were subject. ("Yeah, we had a class together, but he was eaten by a Cyclops.")

All that said, in this day and age, I am generally suspicious of any institution of higher learning whose name is not already well known (to me, anyway). I just assume that any such is just a degree mill. Especially one that advertises on billboards, which yer better class of universities does not, I believe. (?)

Even though I'm a woman, I always appreciate your thorough and thoughtful word reporting. Arrrgh!

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