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April 19, 2011


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I'm more disturbed by the fact that the Wilderness model doesn't appear to be human.

You have your answer: Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Happy Passover! "Grateful Dead I Need A Miracle" skirt indeed! Oy!

@Scott: She may be one of the Models Who Want to Kill You: http://thehairpin.com/2011/02/saluting-the-catalog-models-who-want-to-kill-you/

It's Miss Summer Cohen who looks nonhuman to me. What happened to her thighs? Eek!

I'm with Jan - I'm worried that Miss Summer Cohen hasn't eaten since last summer. Other than that, this is one of your best ever, which is pretty much what I write on every column. But what do you expect from a goyim?

What, I should pay $225 for a plain white blouse that hasn't even bothered to change its name to try to pass? I know, SOMEBODY has to buy retail.

My grandma would have said, "You're wearing that? Why don't you take a little care and pay attention to what you look like?"

thank you for this! still laughing!

Unfortunately, the goyim think Cohen is a boy's name. My 4 year old goes to school with one. What would his mommy do if she found out it's a Jewish last name? Oh yeah: it's a Church preschool.

@Photoquility: I recently learned that Cohen is enjoying some popularity as a girl's name, too. (Not among Jews, obviously.)

Well, maybe Poland is trendy for branding nowadays? Manolo has "Suvalki" and "Lodz" shoes, so Olsens have Polish Cohen :)

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