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April 06, 2011


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On your P.S. - I agree, it's not near the risk that dealing with Libya has ever been, PLUS, I thought it was smart because Iceland has been positioning itself as an offshore journalism haven - they're TRYING to get tech people to come and check them out. So, in my admittedly not-very-knowledgeable opinion, good moves all round.

Thank you for pointing out the geopolitical risk that some Internet services are assuming by using the cute Libyan domain. I agree that Iceland is much less risky than Libya. Another alternative - .li is a Swiss domain.

Check out Boycottly.us for a site dedicated to bringing attention to these risks.

Top-level domains like .ly have no actual, physical association with the geographic entities that they represent. An .ly domain need have no physical relationship with Libya; it doesn't belong to Libya, it's not (necessarily) hosted in Libya, etc.

I get the point here about the disjoint between the virtual and physical worlds and their denizens, but I also get the point made by Letter.ly -- namely something (very roughly) along the lines that because there was a rainstorm in Washington DC, where the FCC is headquartered, it disrupted radio service in Los Angeles at KCRW. Not a good analogy, but that's the line of thinking here, I believe -- the actual world intruded in a rather unexpected way into something that ordinarily is quite independent of it. I don't think that they mean at all -- certainly I don't -- that war is an annoying inconvenience, or anything like that.

(That said, how many people who seem indifferent to world events all of a sudden are interested when the price of gas goes up 50 cents a gallon -- i.e., when some slaughter somewhere is abstract until it costs at the pump?)

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