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March 14, 2011


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Interesting post. Love these blends for clothing and shoes. Here in the UK it's hard to escape the dreaded 'jeggings' (cross between jeans and leggings). I'd like to see the open-toe shoe-boot renamed a 'bandle' (boot/sandal)- see http://www.shopstyle.co.uk/browse?fts=peep+toe+boot.

I'm guessing (hoping?) the Brits have a completely different term for "Pap smear." (I got papped last week.)

@Sue: I wrote about jeggings, treggings, spants, and man-skorts in May 2009:


On the word "pap"...

I've never actually heard it used before (at least in this sense) here in the UK. What I do hear quite regularly are the phrases "to pap oneself" and "papping it", suggesting that someone is either so scared or nervous that they feel they may lose control of their bowels...

These shoes make you taller, but lack a heel's sex appeal. So a woman is hobbled (ever try to catch a bus in flatforms?) without the frisson of attracting admiration. Not much of a deal, is it?

Cf also cothurnus (or buskin), “a high-soled shoe used to elevate characters in Greek tragedy”.

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