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March 09, 2011


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What's great about this is that the OO can be interpreted as either silent O's or silent I's (eyeballs!).

I think it's pronounced "T.J. Eckleburg."

"Raise your hand if you interpreted that image as “NY”—short for New York, say—plus “mobile,” abbreviated."

I certainly did. The subway background on thier website does nothing to dissuade the notion.

Looks like its just a temporary name for a secret company anyway, based on the bareness of the web site. My guess is once they reveal what they are, they will have a new name anyway.

A lot of these tech neologisms drive me nuts. I am still puzzled as to why MySQL is pronounced "my-ESS-quel" as opposed to "MY-squill." Or why Chitika is "CHIT-ika" as opposed to "chi-TIK-a." Is illogical pronunciation a branding tool or something?

@Jessica: Great Gatsby's ghost, I think you've got it!

@jb: You may be right--let's hope so--but the trouble with code names, especially those that go public, is that companies become attached to them even when it's not in their best interest. Aaron Hall of Catchword Branding recently wrote a good post about code names: http://bit.ly/dWCf1j

My first impression from just reading the name is that it was something for kids.

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