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March 29, 2011


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It reminds me of Zatoichi, the blind swordsman.

I myself got a Capresso 4-cup espresso/coffee/cappuccino type deal and I'm pretty pleased with it.

Zojirushi is: zo (elephant) + shirushi (mark/brand). The "shi" becomes a "ji." So literally, it means "elephant-brand."

Similar to Mujirushi Ryohin (better known in the US as MUJI), which is mu (nothing/none) + shirushi (mark/brand), so literally, "no-brand" or "non-branded."

Love your blog! And now I'm thinking of getting a Zutto too ...

Nice looking little coffeemaker! I'm still a fan of my Nespresso machine, but for the morning cuppa, it's a $4 Melitta plastic 1-cup cone and boiling water poured over the grounds.

Cool. Glad you found a java dispenser that works for you. Like the name!

Yoko is clearly spot on regarding the name of the company, but I think she overlooked the error in Amazon's copy: zutto really means something more like "completely" or "totally." I'm not sure why that would make a good name for a coffee maker, but there you are.

I would suggest "continuously" for zutto but think "always" is ok too. I think it implies a product that you will keep using for a long time, so nice evocation here I think.

I thought "zutto" was mistranslated on the Amazon site too. I studied Japanese in college and it's been awhile, but iirc danthelawyer is right.

I think I might be able to bridge a gap here. For example, if someone said," The Lakers did very badly last year. Will you still support them next year?" A die hard fan might answer, "zutto." They would mean that they will "always(time,frequency)"support the Lakers,"totally(commitment)."
Anyway, it's nice to have an appliance that cares that much about our first "cuppa" of the day!

Nick: Thanks. Your example captures the essence of "zutto", and in doing so explains why it's a pretty good name for a coffee maker after all!

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