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March 16, 2011


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Regarding unusual sports team names, I would suggest the UConn Huskies. There isn't much unusual about the "Huskies" moniker, except in its origin: the name appears to derive from the fact that huskies are native to the Yukon, which sounds like "UConn." It's the only sports team I can think of with name almost based in rhyming slang!

Sadly, I believe I have a Mondrian body shape. Small wonder they don't include that one in the list!

That Alan Kennedy thing is fascinating -- it amazes me how much overlap there is, and yet, how much seems completely off the wall. I'm still amused that a red film in Wales and in Spain is the same thing!

Also am well amused by the new list of women's body types. I really do think I'm going to stick with being a Picasso - that way only I truly know what I'm like beneath my clothes...

San Francisco's had some great team names - the Seals baseball team, of course, and the 49ers, but also the Spiders hockey team, with their cool 50's sci-fi movie font, and the XFL Demons, with their pointy-tailed cheerleaders, Maori monster mask logo, and "Hell Yeah!" cheer.



Naming a sports team is on my Naming "Bucket List".

@Mark: My favorite Erstwhile Sports Team Name is the Sacramento Solons of the Pacific Coast League. I liked to imagine them taking the field in togas. Solons now means "legislators," of course; newspaper editors used to favor it in headlines that had to fit narrow columns.

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