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April 05, 2011


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I like it. But shouldn't the words be oriented the other way, so "post" is a post, and "beam" is a beam?

Great question Erin! We are writing on our blog introducethenew.com about the design and logo this week, so stay tuned! We like to say that we also think outside the Post+Beam. :)

So the logo here is a little twist on a true Post+Beam structure. However, there are multiple versions of the logo that work in different corners. We'll get into that more on our blog though.


I noticed that error immediately. Architecturally, it's a fail.

I hit my head on that beam. No, on that post. Same idea Erin had. (But I have walked into posts, so... never mind.)

My first impression was that the logo was postioned wrong and that it was a company specializing in barns and timber construction. Google "Post+Beam" , post+beam, post and beam and you get lots of construction links. "Post+Beam" brings to mind words like durable, traditional, rugged, practical, storage, work space.

Dear commenters: I suggest you read the Q&A before critiquing the logo design (or the name, for that matter). As I explain in the interview, "Post+Beam" was chosen for its multiple meanings. Here's an excerpt:

>>Post-and-beam is a very old method of building construction in which a horizontal element is supported by vertical posts. Think Stonehenge, or the classic timber-frame house. But “post” and “beam” have other relevant meanings too. Each word is both a noun and a verb, so right away the name suggests versatility—-both solidity and activity. You can post a letter or publish a blog post or be stationed to a post. There are sunbeams and beaming smiles.<<

This company has many clients in the architecture, engineering, and design industries for whom the new name resonates very favorable. For clients in other industries--who are aware that they're not hiring a construction company--the name is simply strong, evocative, and elegant.

Nevertheless, the logo is such that it suggests architecture and not the other meanings. No disrespect intended.

Congratulations on your Verbal Identity.
I always believe that if the company is bold and not necessarily literal in their name, it won't help people find them, but once they HAVE found them, it encourages people to consider what the company is about. I think in the days now of SEO, literal naming is not so important.
Congrats again, we always like to see people doing great work in naming and Verbal Identity.

I do see what the intentions are, but I'm with commenter John Carrol. It suggests construction and architecture first and foremost.

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