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March 10, 2011


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The best-known piano mover in Boston is DEATH WISH, est. 1971 (http://www.deathwishpiano.com/). We used them to move our Steinway some years ago -- they took off the legs and carted the thing out like it was a suitcase. I smile every time I see one of their eerie black trucks tooling down the highway.

I think this one really got rolling a few years back with Death Cigarettes and Black Death Vodka, eh? Truth in advertising, or, getting the worst argument against you out of the way first!



When I was a smoker, I always thought those Death cigs had a real punk glamour.

"Hacienda Mexican Restaurants took down its 'We’re Like a Cult with Better Kool-Aid' billboards in Indiana after two weeks of 'public outcry and drubbing in the press.'"

Hmm. If I were Kraft Foods, I'd've sent them a cease-and-desist letter, but maybe that wasn't even necessary.

Yeah, that was Flavor Aid (not -ade), wasn't it? Kool-Aid gets a bum rap.

And isn't Flavor Aid an odd mark, itself? Kinda like Hamburger Helper, but less precise. Like you could add it to anything - Eggs! Salads! Pork chops!

Well, that Sudden Death top is a really cute. (If I wasn't so lumpy I'd get a few, but even that ruching won't help me. ) Why do they have to sell clothes with such a snotty angle? They have another top called "Out Hustle". For whores? What does that say about the demographic they are aiming at? A group of crabby bitchy bimbos with alarming sense of self entitlement and overweening self esteem? So I am old fashioned but that was my first impression. I look forward to the day when so many fashion models stop looking like super skinny girls with issues and look more like nice girls you'd actually like to meet.
I like the Hacienda billboard as a mild joke, but as advertising, I suspect the ad staff was being paid in margaritas, because that's really dumb. That's great fodder for the "Easily Offended Community". On the other hand were they aiming at a younger demographic whose sense of humor lacks subtlety ?

Another product of note: "Neurogasm®", "Passion in Every Bottle". www./drinkneuro.com. Bottled lust. A big "O" in every fizzy fruity quaff. $3 for a bottle of ecstasy soda seems stiff - oops cheap pun - but at least you know exactly what they are selling.

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