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February 02, 2011


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"Na ja" is also a German slang-ish expression for "well" or "sure," IIRC. So I can't imagine these names travel all that well - it's as if a German company had a product called "Yeahbut."

P.S. "usual surfeit of romance and lack of scholarly rigor" - you couldn't have captured more accurately the hooey some of those baby name sites put forth as name definitions (e.g., Nevaeh is Hebrew for life? Try reading it backwards . . . )

There's also NAYA Natural Spring Water, since 1986. The website writes it in all caps, but doesn't explain why with any kind of etymology.

My friends have a girl named Nyah. I wonder how many other spelling variants there are.

@Neal: Thanks for the reminder about Naya water, which calls itself "the number one Canadian spring water in the world." (http://www.bottledwaterweb.com/bottlersdetail.do?k=57) A Brandweek article published just over a year ago said that Naya "had all but disappeared from the U.S. market" but was positioning itself for nationwide expansion. http://bit.ly/hsXmJi

The Wikipedia entry for Naya water, which is suspiciously light on citations and copyediting, claims that the source of the name is "naiads."

In Italian, "naia" (also spelled "naja") is an informal word for "military conscription" and "military life". A wine named "naia" would make Italians think of some kind of plonk!

Maybe Naya could be the new nickname for Nancy. I was glad to see you had Naya Rivera there...I think she is probably the smokin' hot engine behind the Naya craze...

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